Poster Beds

Poster Bed

Poster beds may not be as complicated as adjustable beds, nevertheless are an extremely popular type of bed in the USA. The poster bed is a type of old-fashioned bed that has four vertical columns on the edges. The columns support either the tester or the upper panel. Originally, it could have curtains hung on its sides. The purpose of this was in order to keep the insects away. The panel and tester usually has rails. They allow pulling of the curtains around the poster bed. Its adjustable nature can allow the upper panel and testers to be removed. The corners of the poster bed can be rounded, pointed or in other shapes. It is classic in nature and has been around for centuries.

The poster bed also has a history. The Irish manuscripts have the four poster bed mentioned. According to history, the poster bed is a sign of wealth and style. A merchant with such a bed in his or her house was believed to be doing very well. To some, it is believed that the four poster bed originated in Australia. During the 13th century, its when canopies were begun being added on to the bed. The poster bed is a remarkable bed. Victoria and Albert Museum has a great bed Warehoused in it.

Types of Poster beds

Low Poster Bed

They have four posters on each corner end. The posters on the corner have a few inches and their tops can either be rounded, square or pointed. Many households have this lower poster bed.

Pencil Poster bed

It has a classic design. Their popularity arose in England. The pencil poster can be modified to include a canopy and hold mosquito net. It has four posts which are pointed at the top.

Half poster

The name suggests. The half poster bed has four posters on all corners. The headboard of the half poster bed is higher than the posters on all corners. This allows easy placement with a case where the bedroom is small.

How to Assembe a Poster bed

It is very easy to assemble and only takes a few minutes. To start, ensure that space is sufficient and all the tools required are available. Insert all the wooden parts in the bottom and top hole. Second, screw all the parts. Check the whether the bed is aligned square and tighten the screws firmly. Assembling the bed frame is usually the critical part. Consider it before anything else.

What’s Special About Poster beds

The poster bed is comfortable and elegant to sleep in. You always have this sentiment that you are separate from the rest of the room. Some other benefits of a poster bed may be:

Has privacy

If you are curious about your privacy, the Poster bed is the best option. The bed keeps people private even though there are people in the same room. This is through the work of the curtains. This comes in when family members want to use an item in your room. You definitely have a private moment.

Provide enough heat

The Poster bed is ideal for a cold season. You definitely want to retain heat during the cold weather. The curtains on the poster bed contribute a lot to this.

Light is always out

With the four posters, it is possible to add curtains. The curtains keep the daylight away, especially dark curtains. This provides a peaceful day sleep. If you are a day sleeper, the poster bed is a perfect choice.

Other benefits may include:

  • Allows decoration.
  • They are warm and give fuzzy thoughts.
  • Cheaper compared to beds with five posters.

Popularity and cost of Poster beds

Due to its classic nature, it is continuously becoming popular. It has a nostalgia and sentimentality role. The canopy bed is available in pine, mahogany, and cherry. All with the same price. Also, their cost varies depending on the design an individual wants.

The Poster bed vs The Canopy bed

The poster bed is very similar to a canopy bed. The poster bed has a panel attached to the four posts while the Canopy bed had the canopy attached to the ceiling or the wall.


For decades, the posture bed has been considered the dream bed. The poster bed is reasonably priced, simple and has nice touches. You definitely need to purchase one.

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