Divan Beds for Those Tight Spaces

Divan Beds

The divan bed is among the popular beds. Their varieties are countless. To begin with, a divan is a base designed with wood frame and a surrounding material which sits on the base. It is seconded by a mattress placed on top of the divan base. A divan bed can roughly be 3ft in size and allows easy maneuvering due to its splitting and adjustable nature. A headboard is also added. A divan base can be of two types, a pocket sprung divan and a wooden base. The pocket sprung divan is comprised of springs giving an extra comfort and a softer top. The comfort for a divan bed is surpassed. They are less extravagant compared to bed frames.

The divan bed has a history. The name itself came from a Middle Eastern council known as Divan or diwan, like a government council. The general location of the divans was along the walls. According to history, a divan was an extended seat with a mattress either against the side of a floor, raised structure or the side. They also had cushions which could be lain against. Basically, it was like a kind of sitting furniture. The commonness of the divan bed exists in Europe.

Assembling a Divan bed

Modern Divan Bed

Credits: ikea.com

Unlike with a water bed, the assembly for a Divan bed is simple and straightforward. Usually, it is a simple procedure. The divan bed comes with few parts which need to be put together.

  • A headboard.
  • Bolts and legs
  • The base of the Divan
  • Connectors.

Once you have the divan all connected together, you can now adjust the headboard depending on your preference. Now you are good to go and add a mattress on the divan base.

Benefits of a Divan bed

They contribute greatly to furnishing the bedroom with little space. The divan base has a design of storage and can feature two drawers. Its design is the reason cause for its support and comfort. If your bedroom is small, the Divan bed is a better option as they have the ability to take up small space. Also, the Divan bed distributes your weight evenly when sleeping. It does wonders with your comfort level. While some beds dominate the decor of the bedroom, the Divan bed will definitely not affect your bedroom style. You can easily replace the headboard, unlike other bed which you have to replace it whole. This is its adjustable feature. With drawers integrated below the Divan bed, it gives you additional storage space.

What is the size of a Divan bed?

It basically depends on the size of Divan bed you want. They range from small size to king size beds. Whether it is a small size or king size, you are all covered. Don’t forget to have measurements of your bedroom size, very essential.

Popularity and cost

Its popularity is vast due to its wide range. The reason behind this is because of the many benefits the bed has. One, being its adjustable feature, space saving, and its comfort during sleep. Do you really think you should have a divan bed? Yes, definitely.  Consider having it in case you have a guest bedroom with limited space. The divan will save you from the problem of space.  The price for a Divan bed can range from $100 and above depending on your needs. They are cheaper than purchasing a bed frame.

Slatted bed base Vs Divan base

The kind of support and bed base is what you need to think of before buying a bed.  The slatted bed base and divan base may be similar but at the same time, they have differences. The base structure of a divan bed makes it impossible to ventilate the underneath of the mattress.  Also, the divan bed base gives you benefit from bedroom space compared to the slatted bed base.

The Divan bed Conclusion

It goes without saying, divan beds are an important factor to consider where space is limited.

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