Types of Beds

There are a ton of different Bed Types

I’m sure you’ve heard of the common ones like platform beds and poster beds etc. But, did you know that there are several dozens of different types of beds? Scroll down to learn about all the different types of beds!

12 Popular Bed Types

Poster Beds


Divan Beds

Guest Beds

Antique Beds

Day Beds

Children’s Beds

Murphy Beds

Trundle Beds

Loft Beds

Adjustable Beds

Platform Beds


Bed Types

Sleigh bed
To charge your phone, iPad etc.
Panel Bed
Great for back aches
Storage Decker
Control your bed with your phone
Bunk Bed
The cure for your partner’s snoring
Canopy Bed
Wake-up to a silent alarm
Water Bed
Enlighten your bedroom
Cabin Bed
Lower your bed automatically…
Double Decker
Fall asleep in record time…
Air Bed
Mattress retainers no more…
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