Power Naps – Everything You Need to Know About Them

Power Naps – Everything You Need to Know About Them

Majority of people has been willing to know more about napping. What is a nap? , how does a nap affect our daily activities? To which category of people are affected most? Are there types of naps? These questions have been asked severally by majority of people in different diversities. I am willing to take you through all about napping. To begin with, a nap is a short period of sleep usually occurs during the day. Maybe at work place, during traveling long distance journey or during class time. Naps are majorly associated with elderly and young children. Napping is generally accepted in environment with hot climates during a normal day. Napping is a behavior which is generally accepted in some parts of Africa, China and many countries in Mediterranean.

Five reasons as to why you need a nap

Scientist has advised people to get seven to eight hours of sleep per night. less sleep can cause memory loss, heart problems and it can also mess with your moods. Similarly, oversleeping can cause heart diseases, obesity, depression and more prone to stroke. It is very important to balance between the two. Here are the things you should know if you need a nap.

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1. You start feeling depressed

According to research which has been conducted, it has not been clearly stated whether depression is a sign of oversleeping or oversleeping is a sign of depression. Majority of people get depressed because of, loss of interest in your hobby, relationships problems, loss of jobs, working for long hours and probably loss of your loved ones. It becomes so much important to take a nap, since its going to reduce your depression and refresh your mind from long working hours.

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2. You wake up feeling tired

Enough sleep should guarantee you to feel refreshed in the morning. But you will find majority of people waking up feeling tired, this can be as a result of sleeping on old beddings or having a bad habit sleeping position. For this reason your work performance can degrade, majority will not be able to perform their activities. It become paramount to have a nap, these will help you to relief tiredness; hence will improve your work performance.

3. You start having headaches

Headache usually occurs in any part of the head, on one location or just on both sides of the head. Headache is mainly caused by overactive difficulties and problems one faces. These will cause pain in your vessels, muscles and nerves, which are found in your head. Tension headache are most common type of headache, these types of headaches starts slowly and develops onwards. The most common way of treating headache is to take a nap; this will not only rest your memory but reduce tension. There are other methods of treating headache such as taking pain relief medication.

4. Your memory starts to forget things

Why do you think majority of people experience brain fog? Most of them haven’t had adequate sleep. I can’t believe how many times I forgot my car’s keys in my office. Some of these experiences may be brought about by lack of enough sleep. It becomes a matter of importance at least to take a nap. This will help your mind to digest information and create room for remembrance of other important things.

5. You’re gaining weight

There is nothing wrong with little increase in weight, but if you find you are increasing drastically it becomes a thing to worry about. Have you ever wondered why majority who are obese have excessive sleep? They become obese since they sleep a lot. It is advisable to have minimal sleep so as to reduce obesity napping will control your appetite hormones and one will be on diet.

Types of naps

Micro sleeps

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This is a type of nap are short, it occurs involuntary. It usually last from a fraction of a second to a maximum of thirty seconds. It is generally caused by mental fatigue and lack of enough sleep. You will start to nod and drooping of eyelids, the victim will be completely unaware of sleep. This type of napping generally occurs without warning, it can be so dangerous in situation which requires maximum attention such as when operating a machine and driving a vehicle.

Polyphasic sleep

This type of nap involves taking regular short naps. For example one can take 10 minute naps after every 3 hours. Most serious researchers have concluded that this practice is healthful both psychologically and physically. Your brain will be able to rest and your performance will be excellent.


Up to this point I know you have learnt a lot concerning napping, napping restores activeness, and increases productivity. Also, it can be used as a sort of micro-vacation. No wonder you will find places of sleep in big companies for employees to sleep. You should try your best to limit your naps between 15-30 minutes per day, during mid-afternoon. Otherwise, if you try to extend you will disarrange your sleep pattern. Don’t forget, have a consideration of a memory foam mattress.

7 Essential Oils to Fight Sleep Deprivation

7 Essential Oils to Fight Sleep Deprivation

Sleep is a vital part of your life, as vital as food or water. Imagine if your body did not sleep and relax for 48 straight hours; it will lower your concentration, lead to daytime drowsiness or a headache and a fussy you! Does not sound good, yeah?

What are the major sleep killers?

Though it the most coveted of conditions, it is often most avoided or sometimes difficult to achieve. (i) Caffeinated drinks, (ii) huge amount of stress and (iii) increased screen time adversely impact the sleep schedule. If you want to beat insomnia and ensure a good night’s sleep, while a high-quality adjustable bed can be extremely helpful, we recommend that you first try out some of the essential oils mentioned on this article. These are nature’s gift to mankind and are being used for ancient years to promote physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. People generally associate it with aromatherapy for relaxation, but essential oils have been proven beneficial for curing digestive problems, bacterial infection, pain…and off course sleep!

Essential oils to fight sleep deprivation

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Popular oils that help you fall asleep

I have listed a few essential oils for you that you can try and explore the one that works for you and your family or friends.


Call it the alpha male of the essential oil family. It is well-known as a flower, its fragrance and its ability to ease all kinds of nervous tension. The soothing smell of lavender can relieve pain, treat respiratory problems, enhance blood circulation and disinfect the skin. There are many studies that prove that lavender is a natural remedy to treat insomnia. In 2015, a study was conducted on 79 college students investigating lavender oil on sleep. The results concluded that it improved their sleep quality with a significant finding of ‘waking feeling refreshed’[1].


There are a variety of Chamomile essential oils namely German Chamomile, Blue Chamomile, Moroccan Chamomile yet the one which is most effective for insomnia and acts as a calming agent is Roman Chamomile. It is an ancient herb that is effective for your digestive system, which means if you think your sleeplessness has some relation with digestive functions, this oil comes in handy. It also helps in reducing sleeplessness caused due to chronic stress, nervous disorders or headaches.


This oil is not only rich in history, with mentions in the Bible, but also filled with nutrients, anti-anxiety, anti-depression and sleep-aid properties. A number of studies have proven that its earthy and uplifting aroma, eases insomnia and pain. In 2016, researchers observed cancer patients and found that 64% patients could sleep easily using aroma sticks with frankincense. Another study in Thailand, dated 2004, testified frankincense as one of the oils reducing both anxiety and pain in women during childbirth.

Peppermint + Eucalyptus

These oils are highly recommended when you have a congestion for cold. They are stimulating and clear your nasal passage and help you get a sound sleep. Plus, they keep you from snoring so works if your sleeplessness is due to a noise-making partner! You can blend it them with Frankincense or Lavender and indulge in a good night’s rest.


Lemon is very common for its refreshing fragrance and anti-bacterial property. However, it will add to your knowledge that lemon oil has been an effective sedative on the nervous system with anti-anxiety qualities. Lemon oil is one of the most popular compounds in Brazilian traditional herbal medicines.

Sweet Marjoram

Just like Chamomile, Marjoram is available from different plants and hence there are plenty of them in the sooq. Pick the one with the name ‘Sweet Marjoram’ and sit back to enjoy its soothing and sedating actions. Apart from helping you to sleep, the oil eases hyperactivity while also calms feelings of loneliness, grief and rejection. You can use it as it is or blend it with Lavender or Roman Chamomile to produce an extremely synergistic blend to relieve insomnia.


This is a new and little-known oil that is a gem with sleep-inducing properties. It is a citrus fruit and we all know that citrus fruits are both refreshing and healthy. It balances your emotions and you can rest easily with a serene mind.

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Essential oils uplift your mood, purify the air and create an optimal sleep environment for you to diffuse away. You can either choose a cold diffuser (heat lessens the effect of these oils), place a few drops on your pillow, rub them at the bottom of your feet and toes or even consume them in your favorite drink under the guidance of an aromatherapist. So, what are you waiting for, indulge away in your siesta! [1] https://organixx.com/best-essential-oils-for-sleep/

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