9 Bedroom Friendly Plants

9 Bedroom Friendly Plants

While some of us fall asleep in a snap, others struggle to fall asleep. It is bad to wake up to the sound of an alarm when you have just fallen asleep, having been tossing in bed for a long time without falling asleep. This can make your mornings dull, which can turn to a bad day. Some of the people who find it hard to sleep turn to drunks and others use tech gadgets for sleep remedies. These practices are often expensive and may not be the correct remedy for lack of sleep.

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Most of us have plants in the living room and sometimes the kitchen. Why not have in the Bedroom as well? Research has shown that some plants are perfect sleep remedies. This article will cover in details which plants are these and how they help in sleeping.

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1. English ivy

English IvyIf you have allergies and in need of sleep, English ivy cannot only be quaint but also helpful. This plant can grow well indoors because it does not need a lot of sunlight; it only needs moderate. It looks like a weed in the first sight but it is not. This plant can remove airborne mold, which can hinder us from breathing well. English ivy plant is known to do great when grown in a hanging basket indoors. English ivy is not good though for pets and children’s. Hence, keep out of their reach.

2. Gardenia plant

This plant is known to improve the quality of sleep by relieving anxiety according to studies. The plant is also beautiful with blossoms, which are scented, and leaves, which are green. However, this plant requires a lot of maintenance. They need light to grow. Hence, they should be placed in a properly lit room. You can get one Gardenia plant to act as your sleep remedy and avoid unhealthy practices like tech gadgets.

3. Lavender

This is a common plant for many because of its pleasant smell. This plant is known to reduce our anxiety levels and helps us to sleep. Besides, it also sends crying babies to a deep sleep and a light sleep for women. It reduces our stress levels and slows down the heart rate. You can place a lavender plant in a nightstand and let it produce that scented smell to fill your room.

4. Chinese Evergreen

Chinese evergreen for the bedroomThis plant can grow well even in harsh conditions with no water, low levels of humidity and light. These plants grow to around 2 to 3 feet tall and are not that green as the name suggests. Instead, its leaves are covered with cream, white, and grey streaks. These plants help to clear pollutants and toxins in the air and hence making sleeping easy. If a person is living in an area close to an industry which releases large amounts of smoke into the air, these plants help to get rid of pollutants and clean the air.

5. Ficus Benjamina

This plant also called Weeping Fig tree. It’s a tree and not a plant like the rest with green leaves. These plants require plenty of sunlight to grow. Hence, plant them in places where they can get sunlight for proper growth as well as temperatures of 70 degrees and above. They also need high humidity levels to grow and high moisture content, hence it’s advisable to water the tree regularly. Ficus Benjamina clears pollutants in the air and improves our sleep quality.

6. Peace Lily

This is a moisture producing plant and very pleasing to the eye. It has flowers that strike and produce moisture, which increases the humidity content in the house. Airborne microbes cannot survive in humidity content of about 5%. Hence, they die. These microbes are responsible for causing allergies. In addition to getting rid of microbes in the air and other toxins, Peace Lily relieves one off irritating throats and nose, leading to a quality sleep.

7. Golden Pothos

This plant is easy to maintain since it only needs watering when the roots are almost dry and less amounts of sunlight. It has bright-green leaves and yellow spots on the leaves. Just like Chinese Evergreen, this plant clears pollutants in the air and helps a person get clean air while sleeping. Pollutants such as Carbon monoxide can be removed by having a Golden Pothos plant in your Bedroom. On top of that, Golden Pothos is not consumable because it’s poisonous. Hence, keep the plant away from the reach of children’s.

8. Elecampane

Elecampane for the BedroomThis plant is mostly known because of its medical properties as it is used to treat asthma and other lung diseases. The plant has yellow petals and found mostly in Great Britain and Asia. It grows well in moderate sunlight and water. To keep off respiratory diseases caused by polluted air, this plant has a special chemical in its roots that expel toxins and clean the air. To live a happy and a healthy life, you need clean and fresh air. If you have Elecampane plant in your room, it will give you a quality sleep.

9. Chamomile

The last plant in our list is this one. In addition to being a Bedroom plant, it’s also a lawn and a garden plant. The plant is attractive with white flowers and long stems. It grows in moderate sunlight and needs watering and fertilizing. It can sedate the person who is using it and hence mainly used to induce sleep. It is also important to know that Chamomile is of two types: German and Roman Chamomile.


Who wouldn’t want a high-quality sleep, to wake up feeling awesome and be productive for the rest of the day? Research has shown that people who sleep well are socially active and are healthy than those who don’t sleep well. Plants are known to help create a peaceful environment for people, and when they are grown in our bedrooms, they are Amazing. Those are some of the plants you ought to have in your bedroom while sleeping on a good mattress like a memory foam mattress.

Things to Keep Out from a Healthy Bedroom

Things to Keep Out from a Healthy Bedroom

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The Bedroom is the most important part of your house. Our busy lifestyle almost makes it mandatory that we get a great night’s sleep, everyday of the week. The bedroom is one zen-like retreat we all like and want to keep it that way. As this room is significant in our adobe, cleaning and de-cluttering it is an integral part of our daily routine. Here are the nine things that you need to keep out of your bedroom to make sure you get full rest and relaxation.

9 things not to keep in your room

1. Bright colors

Bright colors are definitely attractive, however, they also are activators and sleep killers. Avoid colors such as orange, red and yellow as they represent the energy of fire. In a place that you would like to retire after a hard day’s work, colors such as light blue, subtle green or earthy tones are a better option.

2. Electronics

Smartphones, tablets, TVs and laptops are all blue-light emitting devices that disrupt the natural sleep-wake cycle. Scientists recommend avoiding screens at least 2-3 hours before hitting the pillow. So, let’s try to make our bedrooms a no-electronics zone.

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3. Space heaters

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A warm bedroom on winter nights is hard to beat, but every winter we hear terrifying stories of families losing their homes or even lives due to a fire caused by space heaters. If you want to keep one in your bedroom, turn it off before you go to sleep or better still, invest in a good warm bedding set to keep your haven safe.

4. Pets

Yes, it is true! Pets, as adorable as they are, should be cuddled on the couch and not in the bedroom. According to studies, 15% of people are allergic to dog/cat fur and fleas while not even realizing it. I understand people are sensitive when it comes to their pets thus if evicting them out is not what you like, you can install an air purifier to soften the damage.

5. Excessive light

Sunlight is perfect to wake up to in the morning, but can mess up with you sleep if it comes in before the alarm ticks off. Less sleep due to light from the street lights or nearby homes can upset your daily rhythm and affect your health. To keep excessive light out of your bedroom, opt for blackout curtains. Further, switch from high wattage bulbs to dimmer one to emphasize the calm milieu on your bedroom.

6. Desk

Bedroom is for non-stressful activities like sleep, relaxation and personal time. In order to ensure a better work-life balance, keep the desk out of your room. A desk with laptops, work papers etc. gives a sense of unfinished tasks and visually pollutes the place. Your mind will constantly think about work-related activities and you will not be able to sleep in peace. A desk weakens your brain’s association with bedroom and sleep.

7. Mirrors

Mirrors top the list of Feng Shui warnings with regards to the place where we rest. According to Feng Shui, mirrors reflect Chi energy that travels to and from your body and the mirror at night. A bed facing the mirror directly reduces your personal energy during the night when your body does the repair work. If you want a mirror in your bedroom, you can hang it inside the closet and shut the closet doors at night.

8. Food & Beverages

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I know nothing is more romantic than sharing a breakfast meal in bed with your beloved, yet food and beverages on the bed invite unwanted pests crumbs. Besides, food or beverage spills can damage the bedding with a permanent stain or foul odor. For sanitation reasons, it is advisable to leave food and drinks for the dining table and a hygienic sleep for the bedroom.

9. Snarky art

It is not bad to have a taste for snarky art, nonetheless try to limit it only in the living room. A bedroom is a place for gentle and positive vibes. This is your space to ease out and be happy as you start or end your day. Make it joyful and constructive!

While there are certain things to keep out of the room, the following is a list of things that you should keep in your bedroom for better relaxation.

Things to keep in the bedroom

  1. Night lamps
  2. Plants
  3. Essential oil diffuser
  4. Right temperature

By following these tips and recommendations, you will surely improve your personal space. You will observe the outcome and notice a change in your work, mood and relationship every day.

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