Pillow Tilt

This is a must have if you will read books, watch TV, work on your laptop/ phone etc. in the seated position. Pillow tilt helps you keep your head/ neck upright and prevents unwanted muscule sprains. This is a rare feature that lacks on the majority of adjustable bases.

Chest Tilt

Traditionally this was referred to as ‘head’tilt. But we like to call it ‘chest tilt’ because that seems like a more suitable word. This is a basic articulation all adjustable beds have. However, beds with ONLY chest tilt (without pillow tilt), are NOT ideal for sitting up activities like TV watching, reading etc.

4 Memory Positions

The remote controller has 4 memory buttons: two of them are FIXED or preset by the manufacturer. One is the one-touch flat button that will bring the bed to the flat position no mater in which position the bed is. The other is the Zero Gravity button which will take you to the Zero Gravity relaxing/ lounging position with a single press.
The other two are customizable positions known as Memory A and Memory B. You can program them to which ever position you want. You might have a specific TV watching position, an anti-snore position, a slightly elevated sleeping position, lounging position etc. etc.

Extended Warranty

We’re yet to see an adjustable bed warranty better than this. The manufacturer gives a 10-year warranty on parts and labor with $0 deductible with technician visits. This includes 100% coverage on all mechanical, motor, electrical and structural components. In addition, they also offer a limited Lifetime warranty on the metal frame!

Foot Tilt

Again, this is a very basic articulation all adjustable beds have. Raising the feet helps in relaxing the feet, RLS, certain vascular and neurological disorders etc. etc. Zero gravity and lounging positions also require you to raise the legs.

Lumbar Support

This is a specialized feature seen only in a handful adjustable frames. As you can guess, this ‘lumbar bar’ adds extra support to your lumbar area. You can move up or down the bed based on where you want the pressure on your back. This bar can be completely turned off or used in increments using the dedicated button on the remote controller.

Anti-skid Microhooking Mattress Retention

Can you see three white color areas on the bed platform? They have microhooks built on to them which latch on to the mattress to keep it in place. Kind of like Velcro (hook and loop) fasteners. This is required with adjustable beds because when the bed is raised, the mattress tends to slide down. Traditionally, the mattress was kept from sliding off the bed with a mattress retention bar at the bottom of the bed. The problem here is that this bar gets in the way when you’re tucking the sheets under and on certain models, it ain’t a pretty sight! Microhook mattress retention eliminates the need for the mattress retention bar.

Mattress Retainer Bar

Most adjustable beds in the market have only this mattress retainer bar to stop the mattress from sliding down when the head section of the bed is raised. This is great, however, it doesn’t stop sideways movement of the mattress. Also, this bar can interfere when making the bed/ tucking the sheets. The DM9000s has microhooks which stick to the mattress and hold it in place. If you’re satisfied with the mattress retention you get with the microhooks, you’re welcome to just remove the retainer bar altogether.

Head Massage

Simply put, this is a soothing vibration coming from two motors in the head and foot regions. The massage can be switched between pulse and rolling wave (a sensation of a rolling wave from head to toe and vice versa). You also have a massage timer option. You can set the massage to automatically turn off after 10, 20 or 30 minutes.

Wall Hugging

This is a must have feature if you use your nightstand/ bed-side table regularly. Most adjustable beds slide forward when they are raised taking you away from the nightstand. This means that you have to reach backwards if you want to reach your reading glasses, coffee, remote, book etc. etc. Reaching back awkwardly can sprain your back and neck muscles. In contrast, adjustable beds with the wall hugging feature glide backwards when the upper body is raised so that you always stay adjacent to the nightstand.

Foot Massage

See description for Head Massage (7) please.

Furniture-style decking

This is purely an aesthetic factor that covers the ‘not so pretty’ metal frames. The majority of the adjustable bed frames don’t have this. With such an elegant deck-on-deck design, you can even use the DM9000s as a standalone bed without placing it inside a wooden frame.

Bluetooth Speaker+ Sub-woofer

To our knowledge, this is the only adjustable bed frame with a built-in Bluetooth speaker. Simply connect/ pair your smartphone to the Bluetooth enabled speakers and play your favorite music to relax and unwind at the end of a strenuous day!

Under-bed Lighting

Not the most advanced feature on the bed, nevertheless can be extremely helpful especially if you or your partner makes frequent bathroom visits at night. Simply turn these lights on using the button on the remote controller to light up the floor without waking your partner up. You can turn it off once you return to bed and your partner won’t even know you’re back (or you left) !

4 USB Ports

Each side of the bed has 2 USB ports each to charge all your smart devices like the phone, iPad, headphones etc.

Under-bed Storage (aka Zero-Clearance)

On the majority of adjustable beds, you cannot store anything under the bed because the mechanical components that raise and lower the platform stick out under the bed. But a few models like the DM9000s are storage-bed friendly. In other words, you can not only store stuff under this bed, but you can even keep it on the floor or remove the legs and keep it on an existing storage bed.

Unbeatable Adjustable Bed Price

Obviously, this is NOT a $800 adjustable bed with the basic specs. This is a Top of the Line adjustable frame with every imaginable feature you can find in the 2020 marketplace. First of all, there are NO other models that have such a lot of specs. Secondly, the ones that even come close to this are around $1000 more expensive than the DM9000s.

8th October Update:

Over 20% off on Most Sizes

Adjustable Leg Height

Adjustable the leg height to 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10 inches depending on how high or low you want your bed.

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