What Is An Adjustable Bed?

Adjustable beds are also known as reclining beds and electric beds.

Major Features of adjustable beds

There’s hardly anything a regular bed like a platform bed can do for you other than lying dead, and…. listening to you. In contrast, modern electric adjustable beds can do sophisticated tasks like…

  1. Change position
  2. Stop your partner’s snoring
  3. Light up an under-bed light so that you can walk to the bathroom without waking your spouse up
  4. Give you a soothing massage before you sleep
  5. Wake you up in the morning with a gentle massage

Popular adjustable positions

  1. Raise head only
  2. Raise feet only
  3. Raise both head and feet
  4. Lounging position
  5. Zero-gravity position
  6. TV-watching position
  7. Breakfast-eating position
  8. Book-reading position
  9. Email-checking position
  10. Getting intimate multiple positions

Massage function of electric beds

Most modern adjustable beds come with a massage functionality nowadays. While some of them are pretty good, others are not so. Remember that this massage will need to work through that 10 inch mattress. So don’t be surprised if you only feel a vibration instead of a massage, especially on those cheap models of adjustable beds.

Wireless vs wired remote controllers

While the very first residential-level adjustable beds came with wired remote controllers, almost all modern ones come with wireless remote controllers.

Major manufacturers of adjustable bed bases

The best adjustable bed makers are Leggett & Platt, Reverie, Sleep Number, Tempur-Pedic, Ergomotion… the list goes on and on.

Pros and Cons of Adjustable Beds

Major Benefits/Pros of adjustable bed bases

  1. Health benefits (see below)
  2. Improves quality of sleep
  3. ‘Independence’ from your sleeping partner
  4. Turn your bed into your office
  5. Watch TV, eat dinner, read books etc. etc. from the comfort of your bed

What are the major health benefits of adjustable beds?

You have a bad back? An adjustable bed may be able to fix that, especially those with the Lumbar support function. How about Restless Leg Syndrome aka RLS? Well.. adjustable beds may be able to help you out with that too!

Major Drawbacks/Cons of adjustable bases

  1. Expensive – could be as much as $10K
  2. Heavy – may be looking at 200 pounds; don’t think you’ll be able to take it upstairs all by yourself
  3. Breakdowns possible

Adjustable bed prices

Adjustable beds used to be pretty expensive. But, nowadays, adjustable bed prices start as low as $400.

What is the best adjustable mattress to go on an adjustable foundation?

Out of the different types of mattresses, latex and memory foam are the best adjustable mattress types. This is because they can flex according to the position of the bed. In contrast, relatively stiff spring mattresses would be a poor choice for an adjustable bed.

Split King and Split Queen Adjustable Bases

One of the major benefits of adjustable beds is the fact that they come in split king and split queen forms. Th ‘split’ allows a couple to have their own incline independent of each other.

Where to buy an adjustable bed?

Your local mattress store will likely have them. You can also check Macy’s Sam’s Club etc. But you’ll most likely find the best prices online.

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