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Like everything else in life, not all adjustable beds are made equal. Some are awesome, some are decent while others are horrible. There are a ton of adjustable bed specs that decide if a bed is good or not. But which of these specs can separate the wheat from the chaff? Here are the top 10 adjustable bed specs that really matter.

TOP 8 BEST Adjustable Bed Specs

(1) Pillow Tilting

Pillow tilting is available only on about 10% of the adjustable beds in the current marketplace. You need an adjustable bed with Pillow Tilting if you will use your bed to read books, watch TV, have breakfast or work on your laptop in the sitting-up position. This additional level of articulation helps you straighten to an almost perpendicular position. In the early days, pillow tilting was limited to premium models like this. But today, it’s also available on very economically priced models like this as well.

(2) Elevate Lift… Reverse Trendelenburg Position

99% of the adjustable beds have only two (head and foot tilting) or three levels of articulation (head, foot, and pillow tilting). The fourth type of therapeutic articulation known as ‘Elevate Lift’ is available only on a couple of models, namely, Glideaway Ascend and Odessa. This type of adjustable bed is especially recommended for those who suffer from acid reflux/heartburn.

(3) Wall ‘Hugging’ Adjustable Beds

Wall hugging helps you stay close to the nightstand so that your coffee, TV remote, bedtime stories etc. etc. are right adjacent to you even if you’re sitting up or lounging. In contrast, with a non-wall hugging adjustable bed, you end up a good foot in front of the nightstand. Twisting back to reach the nightstand can give you a neck, back or shoulder ache. A wallhugger bed (or wall snuggler as some brands call them) is a must if you regularly use your nightstand. The Sven and Son bed frame is an excellent example.

(4) Adjustable beds with Furniture Style bases

This is more to do with ‘looks’ than ‘functionality’. Furniture style adjustable bases are ready to be used without an additional bed frame. They look pretty and will give your bedroom a chic outlook. However, those who already own a wooden bed frame or those who don’t want to spend extra $$ for the looks, feel free to go for a standard adjustable base. The Reverie 9T, Dynasty Mattress, Leggett & Platt S-Cape 2.0, and Serta Motion Perfect III are examples for electric beds with furniture style bases.

(5) Programmable Memory Positions

Go to your favorite position at the touch of a button. This is 10 times more convenient than pressing “up” and “down” buttons continuously until you get that sweet spot. However, most entry-level adjustable beds don’t have customizable memory positions; instead they have fixed or factory preset memory positions. If you have the extra cash, we recommend you invest on one with programmable memory positions.

(6) Skilled Masseur at your service

Can a daily soothing massage help you relax at the end of a tiring day? Choose between a pulse or wave-style therapeutic massage… because you deserve nothing less…

Understand that the level of massage you get will depend on your mattress. Don’t expect the massage motors to magically massage you through a 15 inch mattress as good as a skilled masseur standing at your bedside.

(7) Lumbar support for those of you with back pain

A lot of people ask us “what’s the best adjustable bed for back pain?” The answer is “an adjustable bed with lumbar support” provided that your back pain originates in the thoraco-lumbar area. The extra therapeutic support on the lumbar area will relax those stiff muscles relieving you of any pains and stiffness. This can be helpful not only when you’re sitting up and watching TV/reading etc., but even when you’re sleeping in a flat position. This is probably the best option if you’re looking for an adjustable bed with the lumbar support articulation. This is probably the cheapest option for a lumbar support adjustable bed.

(8) 5-section vs 4-section vs 3-section adjustable beds

We’re not saying that the higher the number of independent sections, the merrier. 90% of the adjustable beds out there have either four or five sections; both are great. However, there are a handful that have only three sections. The problem with these is that, in the sitting up position, there isn’t a 100% flat/horizontal position; so you’re butt can be in a awkward position putting unnecessary pressure on the hips. I would personally avoid such an adjustable bed.

TOP 4 WORST Adjustable Bed Specs

Avoid these like the plague


Nowadays, you can buy a full-fledged, split-king adjustable bed + luxury mattress combo with all the bells and whistles for $2,500 – 4,000. Yet, some manufacturers go around selling ‘basic’ models well over $6,000. We don’t want to name them, but now that you have this information, you should be able to sniff them from a mile and be able to avoid them like the plague.

(2) Noisy Motors

Typically, split-king adjustable beds are split from head to toe. But some adjustable bed brands are split only at the head and still united at the foot region. This may be OK for some couples; but if you’re like me and want complete ‘independence’ from your spouse in bed (as far as the adjustability of your bed goes), you need to get your hands on a split-king adjustable bed that is completely separate from each other.

(3) Split-Top Split-King Adjustable Beds

Typically, split-king adjustable beds are split from head to toe. But some adjustable bed brands are split only at the head and still united at the foot region. This may be OK for some couples; but if you’re like me and want complete ‘independence’ from your spouse in bed (as far as the adjustability of your bed goes), you need to get your hands on a split-king adjustable bed that is completely separate from each other.

(4) Lack of online adjustable bed reviews and

pushy Sales tactics (e.g. sales calls)

Well… there might be consumer reviews, but they’re only seen on the manufacturer’s website. No customer reviews on independent websites like,, Sam’s Club, Overstock etc. In fact, some of these electric beds are not even available for online purchase. Do you smell something fishy here? Me too 🙂 I wouldn’t buy from anyone that’s not 100% transparent. Would you?

Some adjustable bed brands can only be bought by “calling the number on your screen right now”. You call the 1 800 number and you’ll be greeted by a salesperson who will push you above and beyond the boundaries. There might be consumers that appreciate it, but I’m certainly not one. If their product is genuine, they wouldn’t have to push so hard, would they? Buyers would be attracted to it like bees to a honeypot.


Adjustable Bed Specs

USB Ports
To charge your phone, iPad etc.

Up to 25 years…

Smartphone Readiness
Control your bed with your phone
Anti-snore Position
The cure for your partner’s snoring
Alarm Clock
Wake-up to a silent alarm
Under-bed Lighting
Enlighten your bedroom
Sleep Timer
Lower your bed automatically…
Foot Warmer
Fall asleep in record time…
Mattress Retaining Bars
Mattress retainers no more…

Below, we list the 12 most popular adjustable bed brands of the USA and a few example models manufactured under each brand name. Keep an eye out for detailed adjustable bed reviews on each of these models in the very near future.


Adjustable Bed Brands and Models of 2018

Leggett & Platt
  • Premier Series
  • Prodigy
  • S-Cape
  • Falcon
  • Raven

Manufacturer :

Check prices and reviews on here

  • Reverie 9T
  • Reverie 8T
  • Reverie 7T
  • Reverie 7HT
  • Reverie 8Q
  • Reverie 7S
  • Reverie 5D
  • Reverie 3EM

Manufacturer :

Purple PowerBase


  • Motion Perfect
  • Motion Plus
  • Motion Essentials


Classic Brands
  • Adjustable Comfort
  • Adjustable Comfort Affordamatic
  • Adjustable Comfort Posture+


  • Elevation
  • Ascend
  • Odessa
  • Vesta
  • Accord


Check prices and reviews on here

  • TEMPUR-Ergo Premier
  • TEMPUR-Ergo Plus
  • TEMPUR-Ergo® Extend
  • TEMPUR-Ergo®
  • EASE® 2.0
  • TEMPUR-Up Foundation

Manufacturer :


  • Element
  • Motion Pure
  • Contour
  • Contour Pure Slim
  • Pure
  • Classic
  • Essence
  • Elite

Manufacturer :

  • Legacy
  • Monaco Royalle
  • Grande


Sleep Number

FlexFit Adjustable Base


  • L100 Adjustable Base
  • L300 Adjustable Base


  • 4i Custom
  • ID5
  • 11i adjustable base
  • iEscape
  • Dream 1.0


Your questions, comments, suggestions on adjustable beds and everything sleep!!


  1. Hi, question are you only base your reviews from Amazon or any other websites?

    I am trying to find out which base and company will be more reliable and also what would be a good price average?

    Odessa from Glideaway.
    Prodigy CE from L&P

    Thanks I will wait for you input.



    • Hi IV,

      Yes, as you can understand, it would be impossible for anyone to personally test 100s of different adjustable beds for extended periods of time. That’s why going by consumer reviews is a lot more accurate than a few people doing it. Statistical power is much stronger that way 🙂 … I’m told 🙂

      The Odessa is gorgeous, but if you look at the various reviews left on different Glideaway beds on Amazon, they’re a bit inconsistent. Some people have gone on to say that the beds had a strong synthetic odor that wouldn’t go away. Some people said that they couldn’t get the programmable memory positions to work, so on and so forth. They seem to be mainly from last year and the manufacturer appears to have fixed those.

      Also look at the comment below from Steve R Scheinberg

      I personally would only buy a Glideaway if I wanted the Elevation Lift function (for GERD/heartburn) because there is no other company that makes such adjustable beds. If I didn’t want the elevation lift feature, I would probably settle for a different brand.

      The DM9000s currently has almost all the features you can expect to find on an adjustable bed. Since the bed has been on the market for about 2-3 years now, if it was a poor product, there would be a ton of negative reviews about it by now. But, that’s not the case; so it’s definitely a good buy.

      The Prodigy CE is no doubt a great buy, but compared to the dynasty mattress, has less features (no double deck design, not platform bed compatible etc. etc.) and is about $700 more expensive.

      Therefore, I would personally go with the dynasty mattress because I could do so many other things with the $700 saved 🙂

      Hope I made sense to you!

  2. I have never left a review or comment on a site before but was compelled to do so this time. Thank you for your comparison of the DM and SVEN. It has enabled me to make a decision on the model. Here is the only question remaining. Being older this is probably the last bed purchase I will make in my life. Question?? How do you compare buying a split King to buying 2 XL twins and placing them side by side? Do you perceive any benefit or other issue?
    Thanks again for the honest review… BTW my name is Svensson. No relation to the manufacturer…..

    • Hello Sven,

      Sorry, this message is getting approved about 2 weeks after you left the message. Most of our team got impacted by COVID-19 one way or the other and this site got neglected. Please accept my apologies.

      A split-king is exactly two twin XLs placed side-by-side 🙂 So no difference in the two except with the split-king, you have the option of pairing them which sometimes needs a cable that connects the two beds together. If you purchase two twin XLs separately, you will likely NOT get this cable and you won’t be able to pair the left and right together. Other than that, it’ll be the exact same dimensions etc.

      I think you should file a copyright infringement and claim Sven and Son; sounds like a completely legal and ethical thing to do 🙂 Just kidding!

      I hope I have clarified your question; but I’m pretty sure that you’ve already clarified it from a different source by now.

      If you happen to stop by again, please let us know if you bought the DM or the SVEN and how you like it so far.

      Stay home and keep COVID out!

  3. Have you ever heard of Zanado sleep system by Transforn my Bedroom?

    • Hi Pat,

      I’m afraid I have not heard of that, right now we’re a little tied up for time, but I will certainly check out the system and let you know in the future.


  4. On your 8 best adjustable beds you didn’t list the dynasty 9000, yet you still recommend the Sven & Son with lumbar, which above you didn’t think to highly of. I am looking at both bed frames for the lumbar support and am having a hard time deciding, the Sven has a higher rating on Amazon.

    • Hi Gary,
      Simply put, I made that comment exactly about a year ago, February of 2019. I have clearly stated on the answer that there were only four 5-star reviews on the Sven & Son at the time (compared to the over 50 5-star reviews today; Feb 2020). A bed (or anything else for that matter) can have all the highest specs, but they can breakdown within weeks or months. So in order to get an idea about the durability and reliability of a product, we typically wait about 6 months before we ‘jump’ into conclusions.
      In summary, I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending the Sven and Son. The Dynasty Mattress bed has a better finish and a few more specs for a couple hundred extra bucks. Both are excellent products and you need to pick one based on your personal preference!

      Hope your doubts were clarified!

      • Thanks for you fast reply, I did see on one site there were ten complaints about DynastyMatress, but looking at bbb could no find them.

        • Hi Gary,

          Just curious if you ended up buying the DM9000 or Sven & Son adjustable base? I have been doing much research and after seeing some negative reviews on amazon and pretty terrible complaints on BBB about DM9000, I am hesitant to go with that adjustable base. Just wondering how you are liking the adjustable base you went with…

  5. Hello..We’re ready to make purchase of an adjustable base. After much research and actually trying out a number of different adjustable beds, we are leaning towards the DM9000. Before we do, we simply wanted to ask if you still hold the same views that you posted regarding your comparisons? Any new thoughts? Or any detractors? Interested in your feedback. Thanks!

    • Hi Cat & Pup,

      No, I hold the same strong (even stronger now) views on the DM9000s. The price has risen by about a couple of hundred dollars on almost every model since I made those observations last year; other than that, everything stays the same.


  6. Have you done any research or reviews on the Blissful Nights models?

    • Hi Rhonda,
      Yes, the Blissful Nights models are great. It’s just that we have focused here on adjustable beds with luxury specs and to my knowledge Blissfulnights models have relatively basic specs and thus the reason we have not reviewed it officially here. Nevertheless, it is a good brand and if you can be content with the specs it offers, go for it!


  7. Do not buy glideaway beds.

    Customer service is zero stars and they absolutely do not stand behind their product.

    I purchased this bed two months ago and submitted a warranty issue and have called over 10 times and receive nothing but run around from this company.

    • Thank you Steve for your comment. You were not the first person to come out with this. It’s just that there isn’t another bed with Elevation Lift in the market and if you’re looking at relieving acid reflux, Glideaway remains your only option.

      Thank you again for sharing your experience with us.

  8. Amazing info! Best on the web by far! I found out that Ergomotion manufactures the BeautyRest Black Luxury Base. Can you speak to buying the same bed in the Ergomotion name vs. having BeautyRest mark it up via rebranding? Also, do you have any insight into this model? It seems to check most of the boxes. Thx!

    • Hi Dave,
      Thank you for the great endorsement of our adjustable bed reviews. Unfortunately, we got hacked and still haven’t completely recovered from it and didn’t see your comment until this moment, which is about 25 days after you left your comment. My sincere apologies and the chances are you’ve already sorted out the matter. But let me try to explain anyway.

      Yes, you’re right, the BeautyRest adjustable bed you refer to is this model correct? It is most likely this or this. They seem to be slightly different though.

      It looks gorgeous (I have not actually seen/used/operated this model in all honesty) and it comes endorsed with the trusted BeautyRest brand name. But my concern is the poor reviews Ergomotion adjustable beds have received in the past. Look at this model on Amazon for example. Very poor consumer reviews. 60% single star reviews, almost unheard on Amazon. For this reason, I would not even bother dissecting the features/specs of this bed any further.

      I’m sorry if I didn’t give the answer you were looking for!

      Hope I helped you make the right decision!

  9. Have you reviewed the Bed Tech adjustable base?

  10. How do you manage the bottom sheet when one side is up and one side down, unless you do a complete split and use two twin size sheets?

  11. I have some back issues mainly due to stiff muscles and I want to know which lumbar support adjustable bed is best for back pain. You say the Leggett Platt prodigy is the best option. What other options are there? Why do you say prodigy is better than others?

  12. I have an innova adjustable split king bed with a 12” mattress. It’s quiet, wireless, love the massage, under the bed lighting and all the adjustable features, it’s beautiful upholstery and fantastic price. Just wondering why you have not reviewed it?

    • Hi Joy,

      Thank you for a great question. As you will agree, it is NOT practically possible for us to physically test all the brands of adjustable beds. If we cannot get our hands on a particular adjustable bed model for at least a few hours, our only option is to rely on existing online adjustable bed reviews. We only trust consumer reviews on e-commerce websites like, or; we can trust them as genuine and unbiased because the reviews are left by actual consumers. Unfortunately, if we can’t get hold of a particular adjustable bed AND we don’t have a source of accurate consumer reviews of that model, we simply don’t take the risk of giving incorrect information to our readers. We don’t base our reviews on the adjustable bed reviews on the manufacturer website.

      Hope you understand the point I’m trying to make.

  13. Have you reviewed a dynasty mattress dm9000s series adjustable bed. one piece king size mattress we were going to buy seperate. $1699.00. thanks for your help. david warren

    • Hey David,

      Our DM9000s review will be coming out shortly. Until it comes out, what I can tell you is that it is an awesome choice. I believe there is no other adjustable bed in the market with such a lot of specs, yet at such a competitive price. Out of the features we talk about, it has everything except Elevation lift. One other thing is even though the manufacturer says it’s a wall hugging model; its wall hugging seems to be limited compared to the leggett and platt models. It will still slide back, but not enough, especially you have a thick mattress on (12 inches or more). Remember, the thicker the mattress, the more you move away from the headboard/night stand when you raise your head.

      Dynasty Mattress also has a split king mattress that is split only at the head. The good thing about it is that there is no ‘crack’ in between the two mattresses/partners. The bad thing about is that you can’t raise the foot portions of your split-king beds independently of each other. In your case, you say, you were looking at the single mattress model; so this wouldn’t be a concern.

      In short, yes, we do recommend the dm9000s without hesitation; TWO THUMBS up 🙂


      • Mika:

        You say the DM9000s does not hug the wall as much as some of the others. Is there a way to detail or compare the distance from the wall or headboard between say the Sven and Son Platinum, the Prodigy Comfort Elite, and the DM9000s (non-split king)?

        • Hi,

          I just purchased the Dm9000s king not split. I have to say it was between this model or the bed tech 4000 which comes at a higher price point. The DM 9000s is great for the price and features but I do have to say with a 14 inch mattress the wall higher feature isn’t that great. Wondering if a thinner mattress would work better? The massage functions as well seem more like a light vibration than a massage. Could be again the mattress issue.

      • Mika:

        On the DM9000s it looks like the lumbar bar is higher up on the split king versus the regular king. Have you determined this to be true? I have seen some comments that the lumbar bar on the split may hit between the shoulder blades instead of the lower back.

        Please advise.



  14. Hi EJ Heath, thank you for your very valid question.

    To be quite frank, I had no idea that Sven had adjustable beds. I presume you mean the model shown on this page

    Here are my observations!

    1. you need to understand that the fancy looking bed frame and headboard won’t be included in your purchase.
    2. at the time of composing this answer, the above page on Amazon has four 5-star reviews for the adjustable base. None of them are ‘verified purchases’. If you look at most other products, the reviews have been left by verified purchasers. This is a little disturbing to me. The way I understand it, the reviews have been left by individuals that DID NOT buy the bed from I don’t know why such people are even allowed to leave reviews on Amazon. Whenever I see this, I usually try to stay away from that product however, good the reviews may be. In fact, these comments talk about buying the product from Sleep Geekz
    3. thirdly, if you look closely at some of the photos, you’ll see that the upholstery is kind of lose giving rise to a hundred and one wrinkles all over the bed. None of these wrinkles will show when you put a mattress on it and cover it with a bed sheet/comforter; but I can’t stop wondering if rest of the workmanship is also this untidy!!

    I haven’t seen, touched or slept on this bed; but based on the above given points, I would stay away from it. I’d rather invest a few more hundred dollars on a well known brand of adjustable bed like this model.

    Hope it helped!


    • Hi Mika,

      Thanks for putting together all this great info! Looks like the Sven now has quite a few good reviews. How do you think it compares to the dm9000s? Thank you!


  15. I am looking at an entry to adjustable beds in king size and ran across Sven on Amazon. Any thoughts on this brand?

    Your blog is great.. chock full of great info on these new adjustables. Thanks for all you do to help us all get a good nights rest!



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What’s the best adjustable bed?

We don’t want to say that a particular model from a particular manufacturer is the best adjustable bed.

We have given you the best and worst adjustable bed specs so that you can figure out if a particular bed is good or not.

Just remember… you don’t need ALL of the above specs in your bed. For example, if you don’t need extra back support, you don’t need to spend extra cash on lumbar support. Similarly, if you don’t have acid reflux, you may not need a reclining bed with elevate-lift function.

To help you pick the best bed for yourself, we have given a few more tips below, but remember, you’re the best person to decide which specs you need and which ones you don’t. Good luck!

8 Best Adjustable Beds of 2019/2020

Best adjustable beds for back pain

  • An adjustable bed with Lumbar Support is best.
  • Examples are the Dynasty Mattress DM9000s base, Leggett & Platt Prodigy Comfort Elite, Reverie 9T and Sven & Son Platinum.

Best adjustable beds for elderly

  • Adjustable beds that can be Raised and Lowered are best.
  • Examples are Glideaway Ascend and Odessa

Best adjustable beds for snoring

  • Any adjustable bed with Pillow Tilting is best.
  • Examples are Prodigy 2.0 and Reverie 8Q

Best adjustable beds for acid reflux

  • Adjustable beds with Elevate Lift are best.
  • Examples are Glideaway Ascend

Best value adjustable bed for the money

  • Basic models with good user reviews are best.
  • Examples are Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort, Lucid L100, Home Life Adjustable Platform and Leggett & Platt Raven

Best adjustable beds for cold feet

  • Adjustable beds with Foot Warmers are best.
  • Right now, the only adjustable bed that offers this luxury feature is the Sleep Number FlexFit adjustable base

Best adjustable bed for RLS

  • Any bed with foot articulation is best for ‘Restless Leg Syndrome’ (aka RLS)
  • Every adjustable base on the market has this feature

Best adjustable beds for couples

  • Split king adjustable beds are best if partners want complete ‘independence’ from each other
  • Almost every adjustable electric bed on the market has a split-king version
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